About Us

Welcome to Yarrow Ecovillage Community Farm!

Farmers here at Yarrow Ecovillage lease land from the 20 acres of certified organic farmland available. Currently, there are three small vegetable farms (Ohm Organic Farm, Osprey Organic Farm, and Soban Farm), and one farmer growing heirloom apples. Each farmer runs their own operation, but works together to share advice/experience, resources, and even a beer after a hard day. Some of the farms collaborate to offer a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Harvest box program, supplying fresh organic produce to fellow ecovillagers, and the surrounding communities of Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Yarrow, BC.

The farmers here care deeply about balancing earning a living with caring for the land, natural resources, and the wide diversity of life in the area. Stewart creek runs through the farmland, and is home to salmon, a wide array of birds, amphibians, and occasionally splashing, laughing children and sweaty farmers.

Yarrow Ecovillage Community Farm has been given the opportunity to expand the amount of land in production through several grants: Stoneyfield Canada’s “Profit For the Planet” Grant, Vancity’s Community Projects Grant ("Support for this project does not necessarily imply Vancity's endorsement of the findings or contents of this report."), and sponsored in part by Southern Drip Irrigation in Chilliwack, BC, and a big thanks to the great people at Peters Well Drilling. These grants/sponsors will enable us to expand into the 16 acres of the south field (south of Stewart creek) by bringing electricity and city water, installing irrigation, and digging a well.

 Thank You to our Supporters!

The community farm aspect adds a unique opportunity to Yarrow Ecovillage,  by providing a means to sustain the community both economically and physically, as well as socially. This resource is part of what makes Yarrow Ecovillage so special. It provides food for the village and the greater community, and provides employment, volunteer and educational opportunities, as well.

CONTACT US: yecfarm@gmail.com