Monday, 17 June 2013

CSA & Market Season has Begun!

Wow, it seems like just yesterday it was early spring and we were seeding our first crops in the greenhouse, setting out our first transplants, and direct seeding our first crops in the feilds. And now here we are, the height of the season!

Our CSA program began last week, and what a great first box it was! Garlic scapes, bok choy, beets, salad mix, spinach, kohlrabi and chard. It was great seeing our members from last year, and meeting our new members for this year. We (Ohm Organic Farm @ Yarrow Ecovillage) are managing a 50 member CSA program this year. And boy are we excited! (This being our third year doing the program).

We also started our 2nd market a week. We will be attending the Abbotsford Farm & Country Market on Saturdays, and now Wednesdays as well! The market is in its 10th year, and what a great job the market manager and the board of directors have done. We'll be at the Abbotsford markets until late this fall, with a huge diversity of produce available throughout the season.

The farm is going great this year. The weather has been pleasant, and the crops are doing well. Things are definately earlier than last year, with our first pick of new potatoes this week, as well as sugar snap peas! (yay!). Broccoli is right around the courner, as is cauliflower and cabbage.

More updates to come!

Nevin packing the CSA bins for our first pickup of the season, last week.
We had quite the table at market last weekend. The heaping pile of veggies is a mark that summer has begun!
Nevin posing next to our new, hand painted, Market sign.
My mom will be helping us out again at markets this year. Thanks Mom!
Nevin looking out over the fields, admiring our hard work!

We are trying a new method of Salad Mix this year, and after several harvests, we are loving it! Its much easier to weed, harvest and process. And what a beautiful mix it is!