Saturday, 23 March 2013

Gumboot Formal Barn Dance - April 27th, 2013

The Yarrow Ecovillage Community Farm is holding a 
Barn Dance! 
April 27th, 2013
Attire is "Gumboot Formal"

Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door, and kids are free.

Come for the potluck dinner at 5:30pm, then get ready to dance your gumboots off to the string-band Greenwood. Anyone dressed in "gumboot formal" gets entered for the door prize draw! Warm up at the bonfire, or cool down with a drink from our cash bar and a stroll by the silent auction table.

Never heard of Greenwood? "With twin fiddle, mandolin, octave-mandolin guitar, and stand-up bass, Greenwood will get you dancing or at least tapping your toes to their brand of string-band music."

Buy your tickets at
All proceeds go to the Yarrow Ecovillage Community Farm
42312 Yarrow Central Rd., Yarrow BC

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Early Spring Work

We are very excited to have an intern on board with us at Ohm Organic Farm this year. Marcel is quite the educated and intersting fellow, who has helped set up rural farming projects in deveoping countries the past several years. He is interested in starting his own small farm, sometime in the next few years, and is very enthusiastic about working with us this year to gain some much needed hands on experience (as he has done mostly the planning side of farming thus far). Welcome aboard Marcel!

Another milestone to note is the moving of the perennial herb stock from the North Feild, to our larger plot in the South Feild. We thought this would be an easy task; just dig the herbs out of the ground, put them on the hay wagon and transport them to the S. Field, then replant them. Well this turned out to be a 4hr job for three people! lol. We had more herbs than we expected, and our bodies were weak from a winter's worth of rest!

Also on the agenda was starting the installation of the Pea Trellising in the South Feild. We plan to have 3 x 130' beds worth of Sugar Snap peas this year (you can never have enough!). Which is a 4x increase over last years production (whoa!).

Next project: building a mini greenhouse in the North Field to be used as a waylay station for transplants going out to the field (only the ones the slugs wont eat!) and then for use as a greenhouse for our pepper plants this year. More details to come!

Barn Update - March 9, 2013

The 2nd phase of the Barn Project is now complete (YAY!). The roof and cedar siding are on, and the engineer has signed off on the structure completing our building permit requirements (Exciting!). And boy does it smell fantastic in there! There's nothing like the smell of fresh cedar.

Now its on to Phase 3: Installing a crush pad inside the barn, laying crush on the east side of the barn for the Wash Station, and laying a crush road to the barn. We plan on having this part of the project completed by the end of this month. Then its on to the End Walls & Doors!

Once Phase 3 is complete, we will start work on organizing the Barn Dance! We plan to host a small commemorative event at the Barn, then its off to the Community Centre down the street for some food, drinks, live music and good old fashioned fun! More details to come, so stay tuned.

Friday, 1 March 2013

And so it begins...

Though the land is still sleeping (more like dozing, its been a very mild winter here), the farmer's are stirring. We started work in the greenhouse last week, seeding our leeks & onions (Yay!). We will be seeding trays in the greenhouse, now, almost every week until Aug. And will be putting tens of thousands of transplants out into the feild this season from the greenhouse (exciting!).

Below you can see Nevin smiling next to our hard work, leaning on our propagation table we designed the first year we moved here. This table has been invaluable at starting seeds early in the season, as our greenhouse is unheated. The de-icing cables (normally used in outdoor applications to keep ice off of roof's and pipes) that line the bottom, are what make this table so productive. They create a warm humid environment within our propagation table; add a fan and you've got yourself a great little envoronment for seedlings.

This time of year we are seeding in the greenhouse, setting up trellis's, and taking advantage of every dry day to till and start getting the early crop beds ready. As well, our Barn is almost complete (YAY!), which means its almost time to move the cooler and the wash station to the barn site and get them ready for the season (so exciting!).

Nevin looking happy after seeding our leeks & onions last week, which you can see in our propagation table in the greenhouse.

Arugula and spinach in the greenhouse beds.