Sunday, 11 November 2012

Tucked in for the Winter

Wow, what a great year its been on the farm. So much has happend this year. We installed infrastructure upgrades at the beginning of the year, and built our ceadar pumphouse (which will house our pump and pressure tank next year). Then came the breaking of ground in our new fields (which was a monumentous event!), and the soil amendments and cover crops and green manures. As well, at that time, we were organizing our CSA program and people were signing up in droves. Then came the long, busy haul of spring and summer and all the seeding, discing, plowing, weeding, tilling, planting, transplanting, composting, harvesting, processing & packing, selling and preserving! And finally the planting of the garlic, and the slow easy transition into fall & winter. And now we are at the 'Tucking In' phase when we flush the lines, cover any winter crops with blankets (row cover), store away the irrigation pipes, and prepare the equipment and the tractor for their winter sleep.

As well, our biggest milestone this year was the donation of a used barn, and our fundraising efforts to move this structure onto the farm and upgrade it. Thanks again to all those who donated to this cause! Currently the foundation has been poured, and back filled. The post brackets are on, and we will be moving the actual structure this week (more news to come) to the site and putting in the engineer requested upgrades. Then we will be mounting the structure onto the posts & foundation, then its on to the walls! We had hoped to have the Barn completed intime for fall in order to host our first ever YECFarm Barn Dance, but alas the timing did not work out. We will be hosting our barn dance this spring however, once the construction is complete (invitations will be sent out as soon as we set a date).

Another great addition to the South Fields this year was the man-made, lined Marshlands that will be the final step in our wastewater treatment here at the Ecovillage. All the wastewater for the Ecovillage will be processed by a gigantic tank over by the Village, then pumped all the way out to the Marshlands where it will be further treated. But by the time the water gets to the Marshland, its already as safe as grey water. Its going to be an amazing, and beautiful addition to the farm once its complete!

The Barn foundation is ready to go! Next comes the fun part of moving the structure to the back and mounting it on the posts.

Kohlrabi. One of our winter crops.

Rutabagas! One of the hardiest winter crops.

Nevin bringing in the pumpkin harvest (one load at a time!).

The winter crops have been "tucked in" for the winter, all snug in their cozy row covers.

The Marshland Wastewater project is almost complete!