Tuesday, 23 October 2012

CSA Pumpkin Picking Party a Hit!

We held our CSA Pumpkin Picking Party this past Sunday, to cap off another great CSA season of veggies. We all met at the heritage barn and introduced ourselves. Then we loaded up the wagon with kids and pulled it out to the back feilds to the pumpkin patch. Everyone scouted out their favorite pumpkins and we did a small tour of the farm. Then we headed back to the front and chatted about the year over some hot apple cider and snacks. The sunshine even came out to celebrate with us!

Thanks to everyone who came out, and to all those who helped set up. Next year, I can see a hay wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch, with snacks and drinks in our brand new barn! And more pumpkins, LOTS more :)

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Garlic for 2013 Is In!

It was such a weight off our shoulders to get the garlic planted today. We planted 1, 050 linear bed feet of garlic this year (thats 7 x 150ft beds!). Which is a TON of garlic lol (in most cases, 60% more than we had this year). With the majoraty of it being Red Russian, followed by Italian, and lastly our coveted early variety Chinese (this strain was handed down to me by my friend, who's mom had been working on for 20+ years!).

It was easy enough to get the garlic in the ground, and tucked in for the winter. But it'll be quite the chore next year harvesting all that garlic, tying it up and hanging it to dry (not to mention processing it for seed and for sale!). But, lets not think about that now... lets just enjoy this time that we have :) Ahhhhh.

Getting ready to plant the garlic seed!

Look at all that garlic seed! Red Russian, Italian and Chinese varieties.

I love this time of year, when the pumpkins are exposed. Makes me want to pick one and start carving. Bring on Halloween!

The Barn Foundation has been Poured!

What an exciting milestone! Krishna, a fellow neighbor here at Groundswell Co-housing and our construction manager for the Barn project, has been busy excavating the site and building the forms for the foundation the past couple of weeks. We were racing against the rains that we knew would soon come. But it looks like we pulled it all together, and in the nick of time too! The rains are set to come this weekend, which gives our newly poured foundation plenty of time to dry before they reach us.

Next, its on to moving the donated barn onto the site, installing the new posts, and then setting it on the new foundation. Which will commence after this spell of heavy rains passes.

Krishna has been an amazing addition to this project, and in all honesty, it could not be done without him. Thank you Krishna for your hard work and your donation of time and energy! And thank you to all of our sponsors; Vancity, Farm Folk City Folk, and all those who donated money to this cause! This dream is almost a reality for the farmer's here, and its all thanks to you.

We will be hosting a Barn Dance in our new barn as soon as it's ready, for all of our supporters. We were hoping to have the barn complete by the end of this month, but like all projects, nothing is ever on time. So we may have the barn dance late this fall if all works out, but if not we'll arrange it for this spring. So stay tuned for more updates.
Krishna and Nevin discussing the barn, while the excavator gets ready to dig the site for the foundation.
Yay! The site is being excavated for the forms to go in for the foundation!

The Cement truck backing in. I like this shot cause you can also see the construction of the wetlands happening in the background (just past the pumphouse).

Krishna and his helper David getting ready to pour the cement for the foundation.

Yay! The cement has been poured!