Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The next wave of projects has begun!

What an exciting day! I went out this morning to the cooler, and low and behold there were big shiny machines grading and laying fresh crush on our farm road! (I literally jumped for joy lol). The farm road was in dire need of some repairs after last years infrastructure upgrades and a wet winter.

The road repairs are the herald of a new wave of projects beginning here at Yarrow Ecovillage. This new, level, well drained road will allow us to move the barn into the south fields, and also enables the construction of the wastewater treatment marsh to commence.

We are, of course, extremely excited about the prospect of finally getting a barn for our community farm. We are close to reaching our financial target, and are waiting for the building permit to come in. (if your interested in supporting this project, check out our "Help us raise a barn for our community farm" page). And we cant wait to hold our first ever Barn Dance this fall to celebrate! :)

As well, the wastewater treament marsh is a huge step for the Ecovillage. This will be a 2 acre man made marsh system, which will be the final step in our wastewater treatment here at the Ecovillage. Exciting times indeed! More project details to come, so stay tuned.

Fresh gravel being laid on our newly graded farm road. Yay!

The stakes have been laid out, and the first holes dug for the wastewater treatment marsh project. Exciting!