Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Help us raise a Barn for our Community Farm!

We need your help! We’ve been offered a used barn, and need only cover the costs of moving the building onto our farm. With a donation of $25 or more, you’ll get a VIP pass to our first ever Barn Dance this fall. As well, Vancity has agreed to match any funds we raise, up to $5000, which means your donation is doubled!

Yarrow Ecovillage leases land to farmers who are committed to growing organic food, sustainably. We currently have 5 operations as part of our community farm: 3 market gardens growing vegetables of all kinds, 1 heritage apple orchard, 1 food forest project, and a small scale chicken operation. We have hosted numerous educational tours, gardening workshops, and stream restoration work parties. And have also upgraded our infrastructure this past year, allowing us to put an additional 12 acres into production. The Farm Team here, consisting of the farmer’s and interested Yarrow Ecovillage community members, have been working very hard indeed the last couple of years, and it shows!

Our community farm is really coming along. But the one thing the farmers here at Yarrow Ecovillage Community Farm are without is a barn. In the past, when a barn was needed, communities came together in a fun and frantic weekend to build it. But unfortunately we do not have the resources to make this happen. Thankfully, our community farm has graciously been offered a used barn for free! We need only cover the costs of moving the building onto our farm, which would commence at the beginning of this September. This is a great opportunity for us, as this barn will allow the many small farmers operating here to store equipment, wash & pack produce year-round, dry crops (like garlic and onions), and hold farm and garden-related workshops and public events.

The farmer’s here have pitched in what they can, and have applied for a few grants from local organizations, but we need your help as well. By donating through our PayPal account, you too can help the Yarrow Ecovillage Community Farm realize its dream of a community farm barn! Just click on the donate button below and fill out the required information. You don’t even need a PayPal account. Any amount is welcomed, and will get you a VIP invitation to our first ever Barn Dance once our barn is complete. 

We are creating a place where dedicated farmers can grow delicious organic produce, and where you can come to get involved in growing, cooking, eating, and celebrating local food! The Yarrow Ecovillage Society and the farmers here are all working very hard to create our community farm. We have a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and dedication. The only thing holding us back is funding. Although the farmers here are prepared to invest in the farm, we do not possess the financial capacity to build a suitable barn without help. We sincerely hope that you too, can help us in creating a beautiful, successful, community farm.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Well I was out touring the pumpkin patch the other day, and low and behold, there were bright orange pumpkins abound! We've got big Jack-o-lantern pumpkins, little mini Jack-b-little pumpkins, baby Spooky pumpkins, and unique heritage Marina De Chioggia pumpkins (perfect for gnocci or pasta). I cant wait for pumpkin picking season!

We've never tried growing pumpkins before, but boy o boy are they easy to grow. You just start them as transplants, put them out when the weather gets warm, water them here and there, and BAM! You've got yourself some pumpkins. We will more than likely increase our pumpkin production for next year, just because I love growing them!

We are working on organizing an event for our CSA members this fall, where they can all come out and pick a pumpkin from the patch right before halloween. But more on that event to come soon.

Here are some picture of the pumpkins, and some up and coming crops from around the farm. Enjoy!

Jack o Lantern Pumpkins  

Jack B Little Pumpkins
Marina De Chioggia Pumpkins, just starting to form their sugar warts
Brussel's Sprouts!
Red and Cone Cabbages
The ripening Tomato Forest!
Our expansion field for next year (Ohm Farm) has been ploughed, disk'd, tilled and is ready for cover cropping!
Beautiful Cherry Brandy Rudabeckia's!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Mid-Summer Farm Tour - Aug 13th

Mid-Summer Farm Tour
Yarrow Ecovillage Community Farm
Monday, Aug 13th @ 11am
Meet: by the big barn next to the parking lot by the Village

Nevin Gavigan, of Ohm Organic Farm @ Yarrow Ecovillage, is organizing a Mid-Summer Farm tour. If you would like to attend please RVSP Shauna at yecfarm@gmail.com, with how many people will be joining you.

This is a rare chance to check out the farm in full swing, at the height of the season. The tour will last about an hour or so, taking you through the community gardens, through the greenhouse (and the tomato forest), and out into the feilds, then past Stewart Creek which cuts through the middle of the property, and off to the South Fields and then back again. Nevin is very knowledgeable, so feel free to ask him questions. See you there!