Monday, 30 July 2012

The Garlic Has Been Hung!

Well its mid season now and things are busy, busy, busy. Harvesting is a big job this time of year, as everything is ready and wants to be picked. And it takes time to process it and pack it.

As well, the garlic is ready to be dug up, tied, and hung to dry. Which is quite an undertaking in and of itself. The last several weeks we dug up thousands of garlic bulbs and hung them to dry. Now, they will dry for a couple of months before we have to take them down an clean them up, sort them for sale or seed, and pack them. Its a labour intensive crop to be sure, but its so worth it!

Here are some great shots of the garlic harvest, and some other photos from the farm. Enjoy :)

Nevin tying the garlic for hanging

The Garlic has been hung! Yay.
Nevin drying our cover crop seed for next year

The wall of CSA bins in the cooler last week.

The Onions are ready!

Our onions in the North Feild.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Whats New at YECFarm...

Well, the farms are in full swing now. Its seems like every day something new is ready to harvest. We are digging up the first of our delicious new potatoes, the broccoli is doing wonderfully, and the cauliflower is sweet and ready for the picking. Zuccini's are being picked this week, with the Patty Pans not far behind. (Which also means its time for cheese and herb stuffed zuccini flowers, Yum!).

Here are some photos from around the farm. Enjoy :)

Purple Cauliflower!

Nevin packing the CSA Bins this week

Tam posing pretty with her peas

Our wild flower beds are in full bloom!


Strawflowers are soooo pretty!

The farm in full swing

Purple Cauliflower!

Nevin tilling beds in the Seed Zone

Broccoli, Kales, Wild Flowers and Potatoes