Monday, 18 June 2012

Photos from around the Farm

Well its been awhile since I posted some pictures of the farm, so here are some great shots of the current state of the farm. Enjoy :)

The greenhouse has been planted with this years tomatoes - Yum!

One of Tam and Joel's Feilds

Shauna & Nevins 2 acres in the South Feild

Shauna & Nevin's Squash Feild with fresh transplants


Nevin planting the tomatoes in the greenhouse

Nevin harvesting salad mix in the North Feild

Onions, Garlic and Scallions Oh My!



Dwarf Grey Sugar Snap Pea flowers - Pretty!

Paul checking on his girls

Our new residents in the South Feild


Tam & Joel's greenhouse and feild in the South Feild

Yup, thats a butt load of onions!

Fresh Garlic!

The coolest chicken in the hen house - reminds me of a muppet lol

Meg and Joe's Food Forest is coming to life in the South Feild

Big Blue taking it easy for the day

One of Tam & Joel's North Feilds

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

First CSA Pickup - a tale from one of our Ecovillage CSA Members

This great write up came from Vivian, one of our resident ecovillage CSA members. 


Summer is here.
I know, because my first fresh box of veggies are here!
Community Supported Agriculture, (CSA) feels good.  It tastes better.  Farmers get the support and cash they need up front in order to support their farming addiction.  In return for the upfront payment of what works out to be 20.00 a week, the buyer gets prime pickings of the freshest, most unique produce off the farm.  It is grown and picked with care.  I think it actually tastes better because of this.
And of course, we do things in style.  So the Farm Stand CSA Pick up will happen every wednesday.  A crew of hard working volunteers have created a real little place to be on wednesday nights.  It is focused around the veggies, and from there it will be anyone's guess.  
Next week my daughter has decided she is going to sell her art!  She is going to make "limited edition prints" and put them in picture frames.  Best she learn some basic business skills if she wants to be an artist right?
I think what struck me about it was how alive it felt.  How real.  We're really getting there!  I remember when I was first reading the Blog from afar.  We had not yet committed to the project but I was enchanted by it.  I read Ann's blog posts regularly and I remember a post where she day dreamed about a time in the future when she would be able to have fresh veggies in a CSA.  It seemed so far off.  It was this idea, or dream.  And now I am living here- blogging to you about a very real CSA.  It gives me great hope that one day YOU might be blogging about our finished seniors cohousing, or the Grand Opening of the Organic One Mile Ale Pub my husband so desperately wants to start.
Here, dreams come true.  It just takes love, and work.

If you aren't signed up for a CSA you can still come down and purchase breads, coffee, eggs, and produce at the farm stand.  Wednesdays from 3:00-6:00
Tam explains the veggies of the week.

That Chard looks like lunch to me!
We were amazed how quickly things sold!
There was a constant flow of happy people, excited to have their veggies
Sauteed Garlic and Ginger in sesame and avocado oils.  Shredded Swiss Chard, Kale, and toasted slivered almonds.  Just an average lunch the day after CSA!

Monday, 4 June 2012

CSA Harvest Box Program is Now Full

Registration for the CSA Harvest Box Program is now closed. We have reached our max capacity for members this year. Thank you to everyone who signed up, we value your support! And sorry to those who didnt make it into the program this year, but there's always next year. As well, our friends over at Crisp Farm (also out in Yarrow) are running a CSA program. So if you didnt make it into our program, but would still like to sign up for a CSA program, contact Andew Arkesteyn-Vogler at to inquire with them.

Let the CSA Season Begin!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Only 5 Spots Left in the CSA Harvest Box Program!

We currently have 5 spots still available in our CSA Harvest Box program. If you would like to sign up, please read over the program information and fill out the registration form. Then contact us, and we will let you know if there is a spot still available, if there is, then we will hold that spot for you. You can then either pop your registration and cheque in the mail, or you can drop it off here at the Ecovillage. 

Registration is open until we fill those last remaining spots (the May 25th deadline is for those who have already signed up, to pay their balance by). So even if we get to, and pass, the first CSA pick up you can still sign up if spots are available, at a prorated rate (minus $20 for every pick up missed). Easy peasy!