Monday, 14 May 2012

Hard Working Farmers (is there any other kind?)

All the farmers here at YECFarm have been working hard the past few months, seeding, weeding, transplanting, tilling, cover cropping, spreading, irrigating, and building. The farm is looking great! Only 3 more weeks left till the start of our CSA Harvest Box program, and things are right on track. 

There's always a few hiccups, but it wouldn't be farming if there weren't. The way I see it, a farmer's main job is to assess the state of things, and be able to quickly adapt to spontaneous situations. As well, farming is primarily weather dependent, and boy have we had some great weather this year. The perfect ratios of sun and rain this spring, and now its nothing but sun, sun, sun. Which is great too! 

Here are some great shots by one of our resident photographers of the farmers hard at work. 

Joel checking on things in his field.
Nevin hard at work transplanting lettuce heads.
Tam moving irrigation lines in her field.
Our handy dandy Work Cart (one of the hardest workers on the farm!).
Nevin transplanting flowers, with Mt. Cheam in the background (gorgeous!)
Shauna weeding the carrot beds (or is she playing hide and seek with them?)

Shauna Gavigan

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Yarrow Ecovillage Open House Farm Tours - A Success!

Well we had a very successful turn out for our Open House last Sunday, April 29th. We had about 200 people come through, to see what we are all about here at Yarrow Ecovillage. The Community Farm had a farm tent up, where we informed people about our CSA Harvest Box program and our new Barn Raising project, and the miriad of other projects we have going on here.

Nevin's Farm tours were a big hit. His 3pm tour was about 50 people! Big thanks to Joel (Osprey Farm @ YECFarm) for attending the big tours and taking on some of the questions. Great job guys!